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Vollmaier: Kind of Laibach


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After completing his studies at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana, 
Sašo started to develop his musical style influenced by different groups he collaborated/is collaborating with (from 'chamber' to 'alternative music').


Sašo Vollmaier is performer in the field of performance-art.
His performance includes sound desing on stage with intervetions of movement, spoken word, voice expression.
Vollmaier's last sound concept appeared in performance art week in Venice (Dec 2019), called "Fragile Breath".

Voice teacher

Vollmaier works internationally as a voice teacher. It was his passion for voice work that led Sašo to the "Centre Artistique International Roy Hart" (research and study center), where - as Musical Director of the performance Generation, working with founding members of the Roy Hart Theatre - Sašo gained a profound appreciation of the power of presence, fragility, expression, authenticity, and curiosity. These are the core tenets of his teaching today.


He is composing and arranging for different musical, dance and theatre performances. Vollmaier actively collaborates with various musical formations/bands, singers, music enthusiasts and developers.
Vollmaier mostly collaborates with Luka Jamnik (composer&producer).

Photo: Saša Huzjak /

Upcoming dates

Sun, 26 Jun 2022 > Fri, 8 Jul 2022
Accademia dell'arte
Arezzo, IT

Co/teaching, mentoring 

Sam McGehee
Sašo Vollmaier

What does it mean for the body to sing and the voice to move? What is the rhythm of speech? What is dissonance and harmony on stage? In this class we will explore the hidden musicality of theatre, how it can inspire creation and help to establish form. Our time will be geared towards the composition of physical and vocal scores. Particular attention will be given to work on rhythm, voice and the body as they relate to the space. The participants will have the opportunity to work and improvise with live musicians in order to heighten their awareness of the space and the hidden dimensions therein.

The elements of body, voice and rhythm will be explored on an individual basis in order to uncover hidden potentials, and implemented through ensemble improvisation to stimulate a sense of play. In the end, we will focus on refining a heightened sense of listening in the composition of short études.

Wed, 29 Jun 2022
Trio Trovir, concert
Unionska dvorana, Union Hall, Maribor


Anže Plazl - Evfonij/Euphonium
Gašper Poprijan - Tuba
Sašo Vollmaier (guest) - Klavir/Piano

Sat, 2 Jul 2022
Laibach: Wir sind das Volk
Novi Sad, RS

As part of the Fortress of Peace programme arch, the Ljubljana band Laibach will perform the musical "Wir sind das Volk" (We are the people).

The musical is inspired by the provocative postmodernist dramaturgical works of Heiner Müller. This project was premiered at the HAU theatre in Berlin, where Heiner Müller himself once worked in the famous ‘Berliner Ensemble’, a theatre founded by Bertold Brecht. Inheriting Brecht’s revolutionary inspiration, Müller thematized the problems of nationalism, but also the development of socialist society, which is why he often had to deal with the problem of censorship.

The musical-scenic performance we will be treated to as part of the "Rebellion" is, in terms of artistic expression, the merging of Müller’s stage expression with the provocative music of Laibach, while in terms of content it is about merging anti-nationalist and anti-repressive ideas into a theatrical gesture representing the fight against the dangers of nationalism, which is increasingly returning to us today as an alibi for new types of totalitarianism.

Tickets for the musical are available at all Gigs Tix ticket offices as well as on their website. The price of a ticket is RSD 1500. In case of bad weather, the event will be moved to the City Concert Hall, where the seating arrangements will remain unchanged.

Venue: House of the Army (Dom Vojske)

Fri, 8 Jul 2022
Vollmaier: Nietzsche
Grünspan-Plattform für Kunst und Kultur im Drautal, AT

Sašo Vollmaier, Piano

Haus Grünspan - Plattform für Kunst und Kultur im Drautal Eintritt
Drautalstraße 5
9710 Mühlboden/Feffernitz

tel: +43(0) 676 70 22 657

Tue, 26 Jul 2022 > Sun, 31 Jul 2022
The art of interpretation (FULL)
Centre Artistique international Roy Hart, Malérargues, FR

voice workshop

Linda Wise
Natacha Crawford
Sašo Vollmaier

Tue, 9 Aug 2022 > Sun, 14 Aug 2022
Moving your sound within musical shape
Centre Artistique international Roy Hart, Malérargues, FR

voice/movement workshop

Susanne Weins
Sašo Vollmaier

Photo: Saša Huzjak /


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Photo: Saša Huzjak /

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